wrist wraps 3

done and dusted – custom order for den boutique in launceston tasmania







crochet day

my tribute to international crochet day – a few original creations

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blog merge

just letting everyone know i’ve merged this blog with my gonerustic blogcropped-flower-power-1-by-stitchedupmama4.jpg

banner - gonerustic ver 3

needed to consolidate so i can spend less time on the computer and more time creating

the beauty of it is that i saved $129* by learning how to do it myself, and i got it right!

AND you can still access stitchedupmama the old way

i like that …

[* that’s how much wordpress charges]

new book

so thrilled …

this newly published book of crochet art is inspirational and shows that the sky’s the limit as far as crochet is concerned

included is my matriarchs piece, featuring crochet as applique

you can preview the whole book here (and also buy it) –


heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this book together!

blue roses and …

when i first made this for the street art component of our¬†wrapped in st marys event, it looked like this –roses are blue - stitchedupmama 2013

then i decided to add red flowers, so now it looks like this –Winner - Open category - Stitchedupmama, St Marys, Tasmania

and guess what?

it won!

if roses are blue, does that mean violets are red?

[photos by rita summers and wendy fowler]