blog merge

just letting everyone know i’ve merged this blog with my gonerustic blogcropped-flower-power-1-by-stitchedupmama4.jpg

banner - gonerustic ver 3

needed to consolidate so i can spend less time on the computer and more time creating

the beauty of it is that i saved $129* by learning how to do it myself, and i got it right!

AND you can still access stitchedupmama the old way

i like that …

[* that’s how much wordpress charges]


8 thoughts on “blog merge

  1. Congratulations on doing it yourself! I haven’t had to do that yet (and likely won’t, as mine are for different purposes), but it’s good to know. thanks. ~ Linne

      • Brilliant! I struggle enough with one blog, it must have been so hard with two – I think you made a great decision, glad it worked out!

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