crochet on wallpaper

seems like a weird idea, but somehow it works

based on my flower power crochet

my original designs, available as wallpaper or fabric

flower power 1
flower power 1

flower power 1 b
flower power 1 b

flower power 2
flower power 2

flower power 2 b
flower power 2 b


mary card, early australian crochet artist

this beautiful cottage was once home to the famously successful australian crochet designer mary card (1861-1940)

built in around 1903, it is heritage listed because of its historical significance

these days it is offered as heritage accommodation, and the whole complex has a number of options, such as mary’s suite

many of mary’s original published patterns still survive, and are available for sale either as vintage publications or as pdf downloads

examples of lace, tablecloths and more also still exist which were made to her patterns at the time

not only am i impressed by mary card’s designs, which are beautiful and unique by any standardi am also impressed that she was a successful business woman early in the 1900’s, when women were generally not encouraged to be entrepeneurial

in addition to that, she only began this new career when she was 42, after working as a teacher and even starting her own school

increasing deafness meant that she had to give up her school and her teaching, but instead of wallowing in self-pity she began designing and publishing crochet patterns, specialising in irish crochet

this new career took her to the usa and eventually to the uk

her work appeared numerous times in publications such as ladies home journal (usa) and new idea (australia)

for more information about her life, check out the australian biographical dictionary

to see and/or purchase her patterns, try these links –


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recently we attended an amazing exhibition of work by kate waddle at evandale, tasmania

kate is a gifted fibre and textile artist, and her original work is intricate and exquisite

the crochet in her sculptural carousel series is incredibly fine, contrasting with the sumptuous textural qualities of her scrumbled 3D bowls

some cushions and wallhangings showcase crochet in a tapestry-like pictorial format

(cats are a recurring theme)

intricate crochet lace is another awe-inspiring feature in some of kate’s wall pieces

also on view were some delicious and artistic edible creations, as well as a selection of delightful peg dolls in various outfits

a veritable feast in more ways than one!

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yet more subversiveness

the connected installation is starting to come together

bowl no. 3 (check out the previous posts about bowl 1 and bowl 2)

[crocheted with a size 10 crochet hook – strips hand cut from upcycled electric blanket fabric; electric blanket tapes and wire; torn silk, including vintage; satin ribbon]

beanies roadshow

the alice springs beanie festival has grown from strength to strength

this year’s festival is over, but the beanies are going on the road, including 4 of mine

when all the beanies have arrived at the collection point in queensland, they will travel through several australian states

to find out more about the alice springs beanie festival, including next year’s event, click here