‘nurture’ – vessels 1 and 2

this week i played around with jute string

to begin with, crocheting these little vessels was quite hard on my hands

once i loosened my tension the process became much easier

i added little woollen collars, done in rib stitch

buttons from my stash added the finishing touch

[jute string, wool, buttons]

for sale – click here (taller vase only)


6 thoughts on “‘nurture’ – vessels 1 and 2

  1. Loved these. Sometimes the items that cause the most pain are the best! For the first time your post was positioned in the middle of the page & I could access it immediately. What did you do? Keep doing it! Love Lauree

    • Hi Lauree – Thanks very much for your lovely comment! I haven’t changed anything in how I do the posts, so I’m not sure why it’s changed for you … but if it’s an improvement, that’s the main thing! It could be your browser; I use Firefox, as it has better protection than Internet Explorer =D

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