played around one evening and these were ‘born’

photographed 5 this morning but have made 5 more since

cradled them in a pottery dish made by a famous scottish potter, which i found in a village market in tasmania

size 3 hook; grey yarn (not sure what it is, as it was given to me; could be sock wool as it’s on a cone); mauve/grey bugle beads

for sale – click here


5 thoughts on “minipods

  1. I love your work! Thanks for stopping by my blog, especially since it brought me here!
    I’ve played with free form for ages, but don’t have anything in my shop. You have inspired me to change that! Thanks so much.

    • You’ve very welcome! I enjoyed looking at your blog and will be back … have fun getting back into freeform! =D

  2. I like the way you laid them out in the dish. On some of them the strand looks like a handle. and on others it looks like it’s flowing from the little vessel!

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