triangle scarf + dorset button

a couple of months ago, i made this triangle scarf

unusually for me, i used someone else’s pattern – here it is with a dorset button holding it together

[note – this is my first attempt at a dorset button (not crochet) and I plan to make some more soon]

the stand is not lifesize, so don’t be fooled into thinking this is a shawl – it’s not big enough for that

however, if i’d kept on going it would have become a shawl – it’s a very clever pattern, as you start with the point at centre back, and then keep increasing on each row

you stop when it’s the size you want (i didn’t add the decorative edge shown in the pattern)

the pattern is called crochet sunset lace shawl and is available from crochetier’s etsy shop

the pattern is great – i highly recommend it

I used a size 3.50 crochet hook and a fine grey wool yarn that was given to me on a cone some time back

i have no idea what ply it i used to make mine, but i think it is equivalent to a 5 ply thickness



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