diva brooches 2

some time ago i posted about some diva brooches i made

i needlefelted threads and fabric scraps to a crochet background, and then added embroidery and beading

most of them have sold, but these are still available –

i took the next one ‘off the market’ because i wanted to improve it

this is the new improved version –

it ended up being a bit bigger than the others, but it’s still the same price –

sold – first brooch, top of post

for sale – second and third brooches; click here or contact me


5 thoughts on “diva brooches 2

    • Thank you Cathy – it’s encouraging that people such as yourself like these brooches …the first red one in this post sold the other day, not long after I wrote this ! =D

      • Good for you! I think they have a lot of character.
        I’ve thought about posting items on Etsy, but I have to admit that I’m not ready to do that yet. Perhaps someday. 🙂

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