stitchedupmama goes to town 2

some more photos of my first ever genuine yarnbombing (cont. from this post)

a funky hat for a branch –

a signpost warmer –

and a couple of garlands –


8 thoughts on “stitchedupmama goes to town 2

  1. LOL…wasn’t sure what I was looking at..I really like the red and blue one with the buttons 🙂

    • There are more photos (and an explanation) on my previous post if you’d like to have a look … yarnbombing or yarnstorming is like graffitti, except it’s fibre, and usually fun! Glad you like the one with buttons … =D

  2. I really enjoy your freeform items. I love the yarn bombing. I think it would be fun to try though I live in a town where I do not think there is a sense of humor.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comments …maybe your town is just the kind of place that NEEDS some humour – and you can be totally anonymous if you’re careful! =D

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