sock art

finished this at midnight last night

our local op shop offered a free sock with every purchase, on condition that the sock was made into sock art

this is my little effort –

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someone yarnbombed the graffiti wall

i went to melbourne over the weekend, and a major highlight for me was visiting the hosier’s lane graffiti wall

an even bigger highlight was finding that someone had yarnbombed it –

stitchedupmama goes to town

i finally did it – i really did some yarnbombing … not in my yard but in my town

we had an event called wrapped in st marys, and this was my contribution as stitchedupmama

these photos are my evidence, taken with my phone early on a frosty but sunny morning last weekend

a picket warmer –

some woodland jellyfish –

bunting –

and a tree scarf –

more photos here … =D