yet more freeform

after not doing any scrumbling for a while (too busy with subversive and other crochet), here are 2 which i made for a freeform crochet round robin

i took these photos with my phone … not the best quality, but you get the picture <=)

this one is going to someone who wanted pinks with a touch of red –

and this one is for a person who just loves aqua and orange –

the flowers are loosely arranged – the recipient can then add them wherever they like

i’m sending the beads as an extra little gift, for embellishment …



dutch subversive crochet

i just love the work of this dutch artist … it’s so nice to know there are more people who do subversive crochet + stitch

my parents were dutch so i feel a link to her and her work in more ways than one …

some pictures to tempt you –

here’s the link to her website – check out the gallery and other links, and don’t be put off by it being in dutch … the art speaks for itself –

over the top 4

this hat took me ages – the ‘flames’ along the side were very time-consuming

but i think it was worth it in the end … i called it firebird (which, incidentally, is also the name of a nest i posted last month)

here’s one side of the hat –

and here’s the other –

over the top 3

i finally finished this set early this month … i ran out of beads so it sat in my basket for a while

i’ve called it panorama, because the colours and textures remind me of the rural landscape here in northeast tasmania

here’s the hat –

here’s the scarf –

and here they are together –

over the top 2

in march i shared a post about an ‘over the top’ hat and collar set featuring hybperbolic crochet, which i called enigma

here’s another set i made about the same time … a hat and matching scarflette, titled equinnox (photos taken outside my gallery on a windy autumn day) –

here’s a closeup of the hat –

and the scarflette –

i had so much fun making this set … letting the ends hang out and adding beads, playing with hyperbolic crochet … and then i wore it, to a psychedelic party …


is it freeform … maybe it’s just another type of collage
anyway, i never use a pattern, so i think all my crochet is freeform
i just make it up as i go along

here it is in a tree in our yard –

and now it’s on the sundial –

whatever it is, i had fun making it …